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Oh you mean conjunctavitises - yeah they're reall handy sometimes LOL

Samantha Fox?

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> yeah - shouldn't use conjunctives with commas!!! (Is it conjunctives??)
> Sorry this is totally off topic but another of my strange little
> fascinations!
> Sam
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> > Was it the superstar syndrome, which Mr Baker may have had a touch of,
> which
> > the band seems to have no tolerance for, that caused his leaving?
> > and can someone please let me know if my grammar is correct? commas etc!
> "Was it the superstar syndrome, of which mr. Baker may have had a touch,
> for which the band seems to have no tolerance, that caused his leaving?"
> The above is the correct way of writing that sentence.
> John Majka, licensed English teacher and pharmacist!
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