Chronicles Of The Black Bong Hawkwind

Joe Loehr JLoehr4299 at AOL.COM
Tue May 29 20:27:01 EDT 2001

In a message dated 5/28/01 9:32:11 AM US Eastern Standard Time,
michaelangelo68 at OZEMAIL.COM.AU writes:

> Hey Hawkpersons
> Which Hawkwind song(s)  reeled you in, captured your imagination and turned
> you on to the whole trip???  and why?

Fer me, it was 'Assault and Battery (Part 1)' on Warrior. Actually, the WHOLE
thing did me in, guv! :) The bass riff, the mellotron, then that driving
rhythm, and I knew I had found something good!

Simon's lead violin parts on 'Magnu,' 'Dying Seas,' 'Kings of Speed,' and
'Motorhead' utterly blew me away!


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