OFF: Dungeon Dwellers (was: Legendary Pink Dots)

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> > Martijn de Kleer (Edwin van Trippenhof) Guitar/Bass          1992-
> He also played in the Dungeon Dweller who opened for Hawkwind
> in Paradiso Amsterdam March 12 1991.

Just for the historybooks: Martijn de Kleer was no member of the
(legendary!) Dungeon Dwellers but apeard at this show (where HW showed up
wthoud dave Brock!) as a 'roadie' for them. Among 3 other members of the
Dungeon Dwellers he did apear at an occasion at the Burgerweeshuis in
Deventer (Netherlands) calling themself 'The Windmill Warriors' and played
about two hours excellent Hawkwind-covers.

And by the way: will Hawkwind finally tour in Europe this year? Best wishes!


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