Karen Kusic kkusic at EXECPC.COM
Wed Jan 2 09:08:09 EST 2002

Very cosmic ...

"In a profile in The Sunday Times (October, 1998), Steve Farrar
wrote: "Barbour argues that we live in a universe which has
neither past nor future. A strange new world in which we are alive
and dead in the same instant. In this eternal present, our sense of
the passage of time is nothing more than a giant cosmic illusion.
'There is nothing modest about my aspirations,' he said. 'This
could herald a revolution in the way we perceive the world.'"
Cosmologist Lee Smolin notes that Barbour has presented "the
most interesting and provocative new idea about time to be
proposed in many years. If true, it will change the way we see
reality. Barbour is one of the few people who is truly both a
scientist and a philosopher."

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