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I actually broke down & got some Tool.  So far, I've only found a couple of trax
I don't like, but most is pretty good.And ,I have to say, I'm a bit biased
against  most mainstream stuff. For some reason, I haven't kept up on the radio
stuff. Boise radio is so deplorable that I ONLY listen to the NPR station here,
and that, infrequently.

Eli Friedman wrote:

> Errrr....I'll try to break this to you gentley, but here in the U.S. Tool
> have been selling out 20,000 seat halls and stadiums for some time now. They
> are huge. And King Crimson were actually added to the Tool bill as the
> opening/support band on Tool's headlining tour. We're getting old, Andy. I
> think the idea behind the pair up, believe it or not, was Tool doing their
> influences the favor of introducing them to a younger,broader audience.
> I know..I know.
> Just trying to keep it clear. Eli
> In a message dated 1/3/02 6:39:30 PM, andygee at DIAL.PIPEX.COM writes:
> << Re-Tool - surely the King Crimson support slot will have made a large
> diference (and if I've got the erong band, then I know they toured recently
> with someone major). Still think the live album beats the heck out of
> 'Lateralus' though - now THAT truly is hot stuff!
> Andy G. >>

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