EMI jewel-case Remasters

Chuck Rosenberg Chuckrecs at AOL.COM
Sun Jan 6 17:29:14 EST 2002

In a message dated 01/06/2002 9:03:53 AM Pacific Standard Time,
xl5 at IINET.NET.AU writes:

> Hi
> Can anyone tell me if there is any difference in the actual packaging of
> the
> HW jewel-case Remasters, compared to the digi-paks (other than the
> obvious).
> I know the actual disks have the shield on them, but I've also read they
> come with booklets that seem to indicate some extra info?
> William

I don't have the digi's to compare to, but I just rec'd the jewel versions
and I would guess it includes all the same special liners, pics, etc, as they
are abundant and excellent.

Ahh, Stacia...   :)

Born too late (to go), Chuck

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