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Michael W Blackman Michaelangelo68 at AOL.COM
Mon Jan 7 15:34:26 EST 2002

In a message dated 8/01/02 6:58:08 AM Cen. Australia Daylight Time,
erics at TELEPRES.COM writes:

> It might well be possible to recover some/most/all of your data.
> But the more you mess with it, the less likely that gets -- your
> poking and prodding can easily damage things further.  A
> computer's file system (how it organizes and keeps track of all
> the stuff on the disk) is a pretty fragile thing; once a minor
> problem crops up, further use of the machine can turn it into a
> major problem (sometimes quickly, sometimes slowly, sometimes not
> at all ...  but you don't find out which until it's too late).

I say poke and prod and basically give the ole puter a damn good old
fashioned rogering eh what!!!!!!????

Usually works for me and if it doesn't - what the hell - I've got a beaming
grand smile on my face for the rest of the day.....


Whats that????

this is a public message????

lots of people will read it????

oh dear...... ahem ..... >sheepish grin< .... heh heh ... hello there

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