OFF: 2001's Top 100

Stephen Swann swann at CUGC.ORG
Mon Jan 7 15:49:38 EST 2002

On Thu, Jan 03, 2002 at 05:35:01PM -0500, K Henderson wrote:

> Well, the end-of-year lists are out, and I was right!  I did actually
> purchase one CD from this year's Top 100 (unlike last year, when I struck
> out), according to Billbored, which I'm sure is Ameri-centric, but don't
> imagine that I could have had significantly more in any UK or Euro list.
> Anyway, the one I got (of course) was Tool - Lateralus, which finished 47 in
> the final tally.  Seems so weird that this one album made such a big hit all
> by itself.  I guess it must be that it somehow received great
> behind-the-scenes promotion.  But why would the label have even tried with
> this band, given the complete lack of any other similar type of music
> selling anything in the general pop market these days?

Maybe you don't realize just how popular and successful Tool are.


Wow, that really is kind of a bummer list.  I mean there are
some bands on there that I even liked last year, all of whom
failed to follow up with anything that I enjoyed.  Staind
hasn't had a good song since Mudshovel, Disturbed has
basically repeated the song Stupefied, over and over, but
not as well.  I really liked Creed's first album, but the
followup blows...

I thought about picking up Weezer's album.  "Hash Pipe" is
one of my favorite songs this year (filling the hard-driven
guitar pop void that Collective Soul's "Heavy" filled last

Aside from that, a whole lotta nothing going on.  All my
favorite new bands wouldn't show up in the top 1000 list.
International Noise Conspiracy, White Stripes, Black Rebel
Motorcycle Club, The Strokes...


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