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On Sun, 30 Dec 2001, IAN ABRAHAMS wrote:

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> > > Thanks, Michael. I think that all DB owes us is the best possible music
> by
> > > gathering together the best possible line-up: 2001 Winter Tour...Mission
> > > Achieved!
> >

> > Ron. If I were old enough, I'd miss Bob. YES, the current line-up  is
> > great, it's nice to imagine the band playing together, writing new
> > material and [perhaps gelling in a way you can;'t quite if you're
> > changing line-ups all the time. But it's not my fantasy Hawkwind, and
> > I'd be surprised if it were many others <shrug>
> Well, <shrug> also...but I wasn't playing fantasy line-ups. I was talking
 True. Sorry, that was just my pushing things a bit to provoke
thought. It doesn;t always work. Even with me.

> about DB's pulling together the best line-up he possibly could. IMHO, and of
> course only IMHO, this was pretty much achieved on the winter tour: the two
> longest serving members aside from Brock and, arguably, the two best
> musicians (SH, H-LL) that have played in Hawkwind.
 <nod> I don;t even want to think abotu a Hawkwind without Simon
House. It feels, to me, as ridiculous as a Hawkwind without Dave
Brock. It's doable, but it's not good. I realise that I am alnmost
certainly alone in this feeling.

> Your fantasy line-up might well include Bob Calvert, it might also include
> Lemmy. But for obviously differing reasons, a tour with these x-members is
> unachievable. Read my point again: "best possible line-up" - it's got to be
> achievable: logistically, financially etc.
 <nod> I wasn't going to include those. I suppose I was rambling a bit
- apologies for that.

> Thinking back to the general reaction of regarding the 1999 mini-tour, where
> Ron was playing bass and doing most vocals compared to the reaction for Ron
> now..seems the more low-key his performance, the more he is missed. But I
> can't believe the band can afford (fiscal terms) to employ somebody to sing
> on three or four tracks, unfortunately. Very talented guy, though.
 I suppose that's fair enough. I do wish it were Rizz that had been
dropped isntead though, bearable as he was this time.

> I don't really go for Dave's solo stuff either. But he's in a great position
> of being able to gather around him a great support team and after 30+years
> of  *being*  Hawkwind sort of pick and choose who he works with. I thought
> the winter tour was pretty special (I have a hunch that I enjoyed Space
> Bandits 1990 a bit more but that might have been circumstances) and the
> line-up near perfect...I really treasure that night in Swindon. I realise
> that's just my opinion but it seems to be shared around quite a bit.

 I didn't see the Swindon gig. I'd been planning on going to Brighton,
but confusion over that and lack of babysitters meant that I missed
that and only saw Croydon (and the RFH and Christmas party). I do take
your point, but it seems to me that if Hawkwind really is Dave 'with a
great support team', well, I'm going to get tired fairly quickly. This
isn't happening, I hasten to add. I do think that it'd be nice to see
new stuff, and that the person who was supplying the new stuff I'd like
to see being missing is, well, sub-optimal, but, as I said, if the
line-ups staying reasonably steady, then maybe we'll get that. Would be
nice, no?

 <shrug> I realise tide of opinion is against me, but that's why I
spoke up in the first place - I'm sure it's been pointed out before
that the best way to get an answer is to say something controversial,
or even wrong, well, I don't have many of the answers, but I did want
to add my 2p here.

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