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Michael W Blackman Michaelangelo68 at AOL.COM
Wed Jan 9 00:03:05 EST 2002

In a message dated 9/01/02 8:14:48 AM Cen. Australia Daylight Time,
RMayo19761 at AOL.COM writes:

> got aol 7.0 last night, logged onto radio at aol and chose the 'heavy rock'
> station...i was skeptical. but this is what i heard:
> strutter (studio)
> aqualung
> stone cold crazy (queen)
> godzilla
> ....ok, then they wrecked it by playing 'faithfully' by journey...but still
> impressed enough to bookmark it. not, but cool

Hello Rmayo

I also use aol now ( 6.0 ) Is 7 ok?  I have heard a few people complain about
but then I have alot of problems with 6.
Would you recomend me upgrading?

Michael 'Alien Dream' Blackman

PS  would the following people kindly contact me:
I have lost email addresses etc during travels and change of ISP's

Capt'n Bl at ck
Stephen Lindas


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