OFF: prog names in Lord of the Rings

K Henderson henderson.120 at OSU.EDU
Wed Jan 9 18:08:04 EST 2002

SF says sorrowfully...  :)

>Grakkl (FAA) wrote:
>>I have a CD by Nazgul, or perhaps Nazgul is one of those suspected fake
>>krautrock bands (in which case I have a compilation with tracks attributed
>>to Nazgul).  Can't remember for sure.
>Supposedly Nazgul recorded one LP of which < 100 copies were made, sold in
>the mid 70s in German art galleries only.

Yeah, I think this was the story supplied about this band, but I think that
it's been shown to be false, and that the recordings attributed to this band
were really done by British musicians in the early 90s in the krautrock
style. Maybe Nazgul isn't the right name, but there are several bands that
were apparently made up to cash in on the retro-kraut boon.

>>P.S.  Didn't think Lord of the Rings was anything to be excited about.
>>Sometimes a classic novel makes a crappy screenplay.  And sometimes computer
>>animation just looks like ridiculous fake garbage...see Balrog (or whatever
>>that stupid thing was called).
>Have to disagree there (see my other post). The Balrog did not coincide much
>with the picture I have in my own imagination, but I thought it was a decent
>enough rendition and effective too.

Ah, I think I was confused on the was the 'troll' thingy (just
before) that I thought was awful...if the Balrog was the 'firebeasty' thing,
that scene was alright.

And Ian Holm was the only really good acting in the thing, I thought.
Interesting that he's the Dreamworker voice!  Great trivia.

Grakkl (FAA), who just picked up Tool's (first?) CD 'Undertow' for $3 and
found it to be rather good as well.

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