lost e-mail addresses

Neil Ward Neil at FAWE.DEMON.CO.UK
Fri Jan 18 07:41:18 EST 2002

Home e-mail is Neil at chaosillumi.f9.co.uk and Marie at chaosillumi.f9.co.uk

This address is work only now

I was reading a New Scientist last night, they were going on about a theory
that black holes might not exist and that they are really 'gravastars'.
Anyway they mentioned 'Dark Energy'. I thought it would be a great song
title to follw 'Dark Matter'. You just have to get some music together
now...   http://snap.lbl.gov/brochure/

See you at weekend maybe?


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Subject: lost e-mail addresses

> Hi, I had a few mails of peeps, and accidentally wiped them, doh! please
> mail me again, so I can store yer addresses properly, ta!

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