Mr Beardy's Quim

Doug Bates Doug.Bates at TUCCSTER.TUCC.UAB.EDU
Fri Jan 18 11:12:03 EST 2002

Well your using all the right buzzwords, where can I get a CD?

Doug Bates

If that is what you crave then you might like the Cosmic BrotherHood of Ra

 Captain Mikel Anubis

Cosmic BrotherHood of Ra       Temple of Isis

International Fellowship of Isis

I live by the Divine Order of Ma'at, the Sacred Principles upon which ISIS
Herself created the Planet Earth.

Ankh Udja Seneb!!!

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>After hearing so many good things about Mr Quimby's beard, I've finally sat

>Emporer's new clothes, or have I missed the point?

I not sure there is a point anymore Rich. All these clone bands are
good, but like a Bic lighter after a few months I need a new one. All
I'm looking for is a band with a tight aggressive rhythm section
like say B Sabbath! An analog synth player that likes mellatrons (sp?) and
computer chirps. And most important a rhythm guitarist that has TONE! (this
is where most get lost IMO). A flashy lead guitarist like Steve Stevens
is optional, but a crazy diamond for a singer is a big plus.

tired of fast food,

Doug Bates

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