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>> Martin  Stone
>Ok, so who is he?
 Martin "Mad Dog" Stone- guitarist in early 70s psych band who's name
escapes me, but they were described by Moorcock as playing "raga rock".
Subsequently played very briefly with the Pink Fairies- appears on their
1976 single "Between The Lines", I don't think he appears on any other PFs

After this he gave up music and became a book dealer. I believe he has
lived in Paris for many years. There are all sorts of stories about him- he
was apparently incommunicado with many of his friends for years and they
thought he was dead. He appeared in a Channel 4 TV programme featuring
Moorcock and writer Iain Sinclair a few years ago. The programme (again the
name escapes me) was a rather, er, impressionistic survey of some of the
eccentric characters who populate the London literary and second-hand book
dealing scenes. Stone came across as quite an oddball although the non-
linear nature of the programme made it difficult to glean much more than

There's a page on him at Larry wallis' site at:


click on "Long Riders Log" and then on "Martin Stone".

Nick M

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