OFF: Farflung

K Henderson henderson.120 at OSU.EDU
Fri Jan 18 15:10:42 EST 2002

>Oh, duh...
>>>Keith - What label did you say you thought was supposed to be releasing a
>>>new Farflung? I just got a message from John Perez at Liquid Sound Records
>>>that he'll be releasing a new (as yet untitled) Farflung CD in June.
>>P.S.  It isn't the Myth of Solid Ground they're releasing is it?  (Well,
>>that obviously has a title, so perhaps not.)  Are they a US label?
>If I'd read this more carefully, I'd have realized that this is John Perez
>of Solitude Aeturnus, and Liquid Sound Co.
>So, did he say anything about doing more Liquid Sound Co. recordings?  I
>hope so.

To answer myself once again...

Liquid Sound Co - "Inside the Acid Temple" due in March, 2002!

Grakkl (FAA)

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