HW: Damned by the curse of Damned

Si Halley sihalley at CABLEINET.CO.UK
Sun Jan 20 04:25:43 EST 2002

> >9. The Jimi Hendrix Experience (no, Lemmy roadying for them doesn't
> >nor does Nik getting complimented by Jimi from the stage and in any case
> >that wasn't the Experience... )
> Terry Ollis has played with Noel Redding I believe. I know Terry O. is
> in a band called Little Wing, so I'd guess that's the connection.
> Alternatively it could have been in Road or Fat Mattress.

At least one ex-hendrix guy played on an Ant-Bee album as did Harvey. The
Ant-bee albums can be used to link loads of bands together as they have a
huge number of guests. David Allan is on there somewhere, as is Ex-Mothers
of Invention guys and Ex-Alice Cooper Group guys. I`d be more precise but
I`ve just woken up!


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