HW: Damned by the curse of Damned

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On Tue, 22 Jan 2002 19:11:24 -0000, ANDREW GARIBALDI
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>oh yes - and Wyatt - a track each if I remember correctly and Ayers' best
>and most 'normal' decent album, but still not the finery that is the first
>of the two volumes of Radio One Sesions CD's.

Hillage and Wyatt each appear on only one track of 'Bananamour' (Wyatt
appears much more on Ayers' 3 previous solo albums, 'Joy Of A
Toy', 'Whatevershebringswesing', 'Shooting at the Moon', all of which I
like much more than 'Bananamour', but not as much as the BBC session where
the 7-piece horn-loaded version of the Soft Machine backs Kevin for an
amazing version of "Why Are We Sleeping").

And while we're on the subject, Don Falcone informs me that Simon House
*also* played on one of the live Tubular Bells performances (is this true?
any of the Oldfield-philes here know which one?), so that would be the
shortest Oldfield link yet!

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>> > Hillage was on the original live performance of TB that never came out
>> > recorded medium, although was broadcast on radio in its entirety,  and
>> also
>> > on the BBC-TV broadcast of the first half of the work on BBC2's 'Second
>> > House' programme
>>    Wasn't Hillage also on Kevin Ayers & Decadence-Bananamour LP?
>> Jerry

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