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Pospiech, Bernhard Bernhard.Pospiech at DSM.COM
Wed Jan 23 08:22:19 EST 2002


> I have a cdr here which came along as an extra with my woteot - I haven't
> listened to it yet but I was wondering if anyone knows anything about it
> It says its from Windsor 1973??  Obviously its a live recording.  Anything
> else to add maybe?

>Ah well, that's one of the hoary old debates in Hawkwind kollecting
>isn't it: Is it Windsor 1973 or Harlow 1974. At this point I'd like to
>bring in my colleague Bernhard for comment....

The neverending story

Here are the facts:
Two dates exist for this recording:
- Harlow, 10. August 1974
- Windsor, 25. August 1973

- Mike Moorcock was on stage

I have discussed with countless fans about this recording.

The track listing could be from 1973 and from 1974.
It was a very special gig with some very special tracks.

Rainer Wangler and me think that this recording is indeed from Windsor 1973
But we are not 100% sure :-(


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