HW:hawkind festival application

Al Ogilvy Alogilvy at AOL.COM
Sat Jan 26 13:13:55 EST 2002

Hi Kris
 My E mail failed me a couple of days ago and ate my incoming mails....I
notice you sent me a reply to my festival update application form,
unfortunately due to the aforementioned disaster i was unable to read it !!!
 Could you send a copy ?
 Also ...Did the band record the Yule gig at the forum for future release ?
if so is there a chance of it becoming available soon ?
 It was the best I've seen Hawkwind perform in at least 15 years, probably
more.... thats just a personal taste thing I suppose , but , musically the
band were excellent and it would be a shame not to have that on CD...
 Loooking forward to the festival!!!
 All the best

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