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Mark Von Bargen mark.von-bargen at GENIE.CO.UK
Tue Jan 29 11:21:40 EST 2002


Didn't intend to include Massive Attack as 'chart fodder'. I agree that
they are most worthy and fantatsic to boot. It was just that I thought of
them at about the same time and included them in the same note. The
descriptor was unintentional and is hereby 'taken away from' Massive Attack
with immediate effect.


On Tue, 29 Jan 2002 07:03:09 -0000, mark von bargen <mark.von-
bargen at GENIE.CO.UK> wrote:

>Warning, If you continue onwards to read the contents of this email it may
damage your mental health and permanently disable your emotional stability.
>This takes the links game in a completely different direction and the
results can be quite worrying. It just goes to show that you can probably
link Hawkwind to most 'musical artists' (the quotes ARE ironic) without too
much hassle. Further warnings are that non UK based readers may not
recognise some of these 'artists' but UK based readers may recoil in horror
when they see some of the names.
>Definite links exist to:
>Culture Club
>Massive Attack
>Toyah Wilcox
>Atomic Kitten
>Westlife - it gets a bit tenuous here
>Boyzone - it gets even more tenuous here
>Robbie Williams (and, therefore, Take That)
>Warning, these are just as valid as links to Led Zep, Mountain et al. Be
afraid, be very afraid.
>By the way, neither Moorcock or Calvert ever played bass in Hawkwind.
Moorcock did play banjo somewhere and Calvert did play the trumpet
>See you soon,

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