HW: The Links Factor

Tue Jan 29 14:05:21 EST 2002

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From: "M Holmes" <fofp at HOLYROOD.ED.AC.UK>
> > This takes the links game in a completely different direction and the =
> > results can be quite worrying. It just goes to show that you can =
> > probably link Hawkwind to most 'musical artists' (the quotes ARE ironic)
> > without too much hassle. Further warnings are that non UK based readers
> > may not recognise some of these 'artists' but UK based readers may =
> > recoil in horror when they see some of the names.
> >
> > Definite links exist to:
> >
> > Culture Club
> > Massive Attack
> > Toyah Wilcox
> > Atomic Kitten
> What's the link to Atomic Kitten? As a xmas present to my nieces they
> got tickets to see them.

Have a stab here, it's *something* to do either with OMD (didn't Andy from
OMD put Atomic Kitten together?) or from Dalek I via OMD..but damned if I
know what???

Something like Atomic Kitten managed by Andy from OMD who was for a short
time in Dalek I Love You, whilst Hawkwind were once (wrongly) rumoured to be
doing the soundtrack for a Doctor Who story (Battlefield).



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