HW: The Links Factor

Nick Medford nick at HERMIT0.DEMON.CO.UK
Wed Jan 30 11:02:11 EST 2002

In message <003601c1a900$0d4b0900$6f23fea9 at oemcomputer>, mark
von bargen <mark.von-bargen at GENIE.CO.UK> writes
>Yeah, Culture Club through Jon Moss is correct 'tho that link has a more
>current life.
>Massive Attack - Clive Deamer was not the one that I was thinking about.
>Think along the lines of the more current Jon Moss link.

I'm stumped here. I know Liz Fraser from the Cocteau Twins has
recorded with them, possibly there's a link to HW there somewhere... if
it depends on producers I'm not going to get it I fear.

>Yes the rest probably are indefensible but they show just how corrupted this
>game can be and a couple of the links are 'interesting' and open up many
>more links.

No I meant they were indefensible as in- I was prepared to defend
Massive Attack (although I see from subsequent posts that we all agree
they're fab) but I can't bring myself to defend, er, Boyzone for instance. I
don't doubt that there are genuine links although I have no idea what they
might be. I have a vague feeling that one of Robbie Williams' backing
band is someone who has a history suggesting he ought to know better,
but I can't remember the details.

Nick Medford

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