OFF: state of the 'union' (is a chicago toon)/Remasters

Scruton, Jason Jason.Scruton at DFA.STATE.NY.US
Thu Nov 14 09:13:45 EST 2002

> And I took issue with the "Chicago (who cares)" comment. I
> think the wah guitar solo in "25 or 6 to 4" more than balances the
> existence of Peter Cetera.... Terry Kath R.I.P.
> Brian
> obLP> Chicago II
Though nowadays, it's only Robert Lamm and the horn section who hold up the
banner o' Chicago. You can, however, get "The Innovative Guitar of Terry
Kath" from Chicago Records.

That reminds me, they've remastered the first few albums. No bonus tracks,
just Digipak.

On a final, equally unrelated note, I was trawling the AMG online and it
told tales of this
insanely well-done bootleg series for the Rolling Stones back catalog up to
Let It Bleed.
Does anyone have items from this series?  And is anyone else miffed they've
decided to make
the US and UK Between the Buttons and Aftermath separate remasters from

I think their (and Dave Anderson's) Shakespeare quote should be:
"Alas poor completists, we screwed ye well."

Also note on BOCs website that Black and Blue's re-release is postponed
indefinitely. bummer.

Obthought: "Pulitzer Prize-Fighting" - thank you steven wright.

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