HW: how long, how many, and why

Mick Crook m.j.crook at TALK21.COM
Thu Nov 14 15:48:04 EST 2002

> a little Hawkwind poll:
Hawkwind fan: since 1976
I received a book on Astronomy and the author (Ian Ridpath -who does Norton's Star Atlas)gave the band a plug in the book - I had to seek them out after that.

*how many CD's Guessing about 80HW related

*why a Hawkwind fan: I find this an impossible question to answer and I've been asked it many times over the years.
 Their music just sounds right to me in a way I can't explain.

*First album you picked up:  RoadHawks

*Seen live how many times: I'm in the very fortunate position of being able to say I've lost count.

*Nik or Dave: Dave

May there always be starlight on the path...Burnham Jr.

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