OFF: "Space Does Not Care" Play-list 11/16/NOTE

Chuck Rosenberg Chuckrecs at AOL.COM
Sat Nov 23 18:45:40 EST 2002

"SPACE DOES NOT CARE" airs every Sat evening from 5-7pm PST on 88.3fm KUCR.
Space/Kraut/Psyche/Electronic/Experimental/Prog/Rock'n'Roll/Whims (except
THIS WEEK!!!!!!!)
For comments/questions/requests, before, during or after the program, e-mail
me at: <chuckrecs at>.

NOTE: Apologies to the 5 of you who regularly tune in, but tonight's show is
going to be exclusively '80s metal (primarily of the thrash/crossover
variety). Why? I have to release pent-up energy/stress in a teenage kinda way
so that SDNC can continue...

11/16 Play-list

1.Upsilon Acrux "Modulation 1" (In the Acrux of the Upsilon King; Accretions)

2.King Crimson "Happy Family" (Lizard; Atlantic)
3.Salamander "title-track" (Red Ampersand; Camera Obscura)
4.Amon Duul II "Ballad of the Shimmering Sand" (Carnival in Babylon; Captain
5.Floating Flower "Desert" (1st/2nd; Black Plastic Sound)
6.Legendary Pink Dots "Brighter Now" (All the King's Men; Reach Out Int'l)
7.Census of Hallucinations "Daydream <In the Slipstream> (7th Heaven; Stone

8.Drunken Gunmen "title-track" (Journey to the Far Side of the Sun EP; Spaced
Out Sounds)
9.Avey Tare and Panda Bear "Meet the Lightchild" (Danse Manatee; Catsup Plate)
10.Roxy Music "Do the Strand" (For Your Pleasure; Atco)
11.Neu! "E-Musik" (Neu! '75; Astralwerks)
12.Laurie Anderson "Sharky's Day" (Mister Heartbreak; Warner Bro's)

13.Farflung w/Nik Turner "St. Anthony's Fire" (Transglobal Friends and
Relations; Transparency)
14.Hawkwind "Space is Deep" (Doremi Fasol Latido; EMI)
15.Krom Lek "The Love of Flying" (A Breath of Fresh Air; Stone Premonitions)
16.The Orb "Little Fluffy Clouds" (Dipping into the Cyberworld; Trance)
17.Circle "Karhun Kansaa" (Pori; Feldspar/Metamorphos)

18.Godspeed You Black Emperor! "Motherfucker = Redeemer Pt. 2" (U.X.O.;
19.Sutrobath "Solo Tonight" (Aquatica)
20.Fontanelle "Corrective Lenses" (F; Kranky)
21.American Analog Set "Gone to Earth" (The Fun of Watching Fireworks;
Emperor Jones)
22.Tyger Moth and the Invisible Gypsy Band "Another Day, A Little Paradise"
(A Day for It to Happen)

23.Absolute Zero "Further On" (Crashing Icons)
24.Frank Zappa/Mothers of Invention "Plastic People live '65" (Mystery Disc;
25.Zappa/Mothers "San Ber'dino" (One Size Fits All; Rykodisc)
26.Captain Beefheart/Magic Band "title-track" (Mirror Man; Buddha)

...And then Mizzen lands on Planet KUCR for a brief revelation-invasion...

27.Kalaparusha aka Maurice McIntyre "Sunspots" (Forces and Feelings; Delmark)
28.Freddie Hubbard w/ILhan Mimaroglu-- excerpt from "Sing Me a Song of
Songmy" (Atlantic)
29.Jazz Composer's Orchestra "Communications #9" (ST'd; JCOA)
30.Joseph Jarman w/Art Ensemble of Chicago "title-track" (Song For)
31.Jazz Composer's Orchestra "Preview" (ST'd; JCOA)

thanks, Chuck

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