OFF: Stirring up more Unwanted Negative Controversy

Michael W Blackman Michaelangelo68 at AOL.COM
Tue Oct 1 00:17:45 EDT 2002

I am trying to get an image of Xtian in my mind at that point in his life..... hmmmmmm...

I would have got new friends - fuckin hell angels can suck my d**k before I THROW AWAY my Hawkwind collection - !!

In a message dated Tue, 1 Oct 2002 14:20:31  AEDT, Chuck Rosenberg <Chuckrecs at AOL.COM> writes:

> ---Hi, X-tian, if you're reading this. Hi, BOC-L. Maybe I'm being paranoid,
> or did the fact that I was born of Ashkenazic Jews genetically inspire such
> outrageous behaviour of selling half my HW/Related collection?? At least I
> didn't bow to pressure from Hells' Angels (ha, ha, this _IS_ funny, X-tian!,
> ya know we Jews do have a great sense of's genetic, ya know).
> Tain't had nothin' to do w/paying' the bills and being stone broke. And I did
> burn it all to CD-R, so at least I can inspire a few local SoCalifornians to
> occasionally buy that HW CD they just might spot... Better than letting it
> rot in some Norwegian dumpster, for the rats and stray moose to gnaw on (we
> KNOW you didn't really do this, X-tian, question is: do you??). Rosenberg
> PS: What's Jewish about trading a CD of Pressurehed's "Sudden Vertigo" for a
> badly-dubbed 90-minute Norwegian-Radio Shack cassette of Legendary Pink Dots)?
> NP: Ashqelon Quilt (Blasphemic Islamic Israeli Biker Hippy Nazi Jew Psyche
> Band)
> >>>
> Hell's Angels kept fucking with me over me being a deadhead in
> Hawkwind since my mid-teens, saying I was some kind of stupid hippy
> kid for being such a massive Hawkwind deadhead, so I just decided to
> throw everything away after several months of harrassment, keeping
> some bootlegs even though I even tossed all my Hawkwind t-shirts and
> some of my rather hot memorabilia like rare tickets and patches.
> Rather that than sell it all and be a jew about it. I am still a fan
> though, and you can see some of my Hawkwind collection up at
> <A HREF="">
> Christian
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> speedfreak Front 242: take a walk
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