Brian Halligan blackblade at BHALLIGAN.COM
Tue Oct 1 14:20:48 EDT 2002

>From the official site:

> September 25, 2002
> Eric Bloom will be unveiling his new Official Website in sometime in October.
> (Launch date to be announced).

This is interesting. I wonder if he'll be putting out his own demos, side
projects, etc.? A gallery of sunglasses he's worn live would be fun. I
always thought he should try to get a sponsorship deal with some sunglass
manufacturer like they do with their instruments. "Black Diamond, the
official sunglasses of Blue Oyster Cult's Eric Bloom." ;-)

Or Ray Ban could create BOC-themed mirror shades called Harvester of Eyes,
or X-Ray Eyes or Eyes on Fire.

Anyway, it should be interesting to see what info, exclusives, contests the
new site offers.

NP> Stalk-Forrest Group, "Ragamuffin Dumplin'"

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