Motorhead tour - is Hawkwind supporting?

Colin J Allen colin at CALLEN18.FREESERVE.CO.UK
Tue Oct 8 17:49:27 EDT 2002

Ok, I rang the promotors (Metropolis Music) today and they say that Hawkwind
are only playing at Wembley; they had no explanation as to why they are
being advertised as playing at the other gigs.


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> This getting ridiculous!!!    Are HW supporting on all the dates or
> not????   Plans need to be made, a ticket needs to be sold, and I can't do
> a thing 'til I find out if HW are playing or not.    No way do the band
> know one way or another, so please can someone let us know???
> cheers,
>              Dave
> At 21:46 06/10/02, you wrote:
> >Posters are up all over Glasgow for the Motorhead gig which state that
> >Anthrax and Hawkwind are in support. No information on either Mission
> >Control or the Official Motorhead site. Rix - what's happening?
> >
> >Dave

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