HW: Ambient Anarchists CD

Neil Shilladay neil.shilladay at MICROLISE.COM
Fri Oct 11 04:20:32 EDT 2002

Hi to one and all,
I've been away from the list for some time and have only just rejoined.
Lots happening in the HW camp at the mo, I'll just have to catch up with
the WotW and new cd stuff.

While I've been away, I bought the Snapper Music compilation 'Ambient

Whilst posessing a moderate amount of HW cds, I don't have everything, and
compared to the good folks on this list - I am but an amateur. :o)

Can anyone identify the 3rd track on CD1, which is labelled as High Rise,
but most certainly isn't.
(Lyrics start with :
"3 years ago our nova drive failed,
and we drifted in space.....")

Also, can anyone help me out where some of the tracks originally come from,
such as the blinding version of Hasan I Sahba (sounds mid 90s with Alan

Good to be back.
(Even tho I did mess up registration - thanks Ben for sorting me out !)


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