HW: Ambient Anarchists CD

Dave Bottomley merlinas at DIRCON.CO.UK
Fri Oct 11 04:58:32 EDT 2002

Hi Neil - welcome back

>Can anyone identify the 3rd track on CD1, which is labelled as High Rise,
>but most certainly isn't.

It's PXR5.

>Also, can anyone help me out where some of the tracks originally come from,
>such as the blinding version of Hasan I Sahba (sounds mid 90s with Alan

This is probably my favourite version, despite snipping most of the first
part of Assassins. It's the encore version from the 95 tour to be found on
the Love in Space live album. I haven't got the AA CD in front of me but
recall that a couple of tracks are Dave Brock solo (from Strange Trips &
Pipe Dreams).

I think I'm correct in saying that everything is available elsewhere bar the
version of Love in Space which is taken, IIRC, from a TV broadcast.


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