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Michael W Blackman Michaelangelo68 at AOL.COM
Sun Oct 13 08:42:22 EDT 2002

In a message dated Sun, 13 Oct 2002 17:55:02  AEDT, Steve Litchfield <slitchfield at UKONLINE.CO.UK> writes:

> To Michael: autographed? I'll have to enquire of the great man. Watch this
> space...
> __

He so very graciuosly autoraphed three of his LLG cd's for me when I orderd them.  I would be utterly stoked if he would do me this one more favour :-)
And thank you kindly for enquiring!!

Michael B

> Steve Litchfield
> Simon King and Hawkwind, http://3lib.ukonline.co.uk/hawkwind/

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