BOC Recommendations?

DRider Hawkwind at ATTBI.COM
Tue Oct 15 19:26:37 EDT 2002

Theo makes some good points here. Seems as though all 3 of the first
releases have been recently remastered. Maybe they even have some extra

Someone please confirm. I remember Gary Davis listing them in his Artist
Shop Newsletter.....

I would also recommend 3 releases that have been overlooked. I love
Spectres, Mirrors and Fire of Unknown Origin. To me they are also essential
and seem to have a common thread lyrically and musically, just as the first
3 releases do.

Cultosaurus Erectus was released between Mirrors and Fire of Unknown Origin
in June of 1980. I like that release quite alot as well, but not quite as
well as the other 3. If I had it on CD, it would get played much more.
There's an idea ")

One release that I really don't like and was actually responsible for
turning me off of the band through the mid- 1980's was Revolution By Night.
This was the first studio release after Fire of Unknown Origin and no
offense to other list-members, but it SUCKS! The title track - Take Me Away
got some airplay when it came out, but it typifies the pop orientation of
the rest of the record. After Fire of Unknown Origin, Revolution was a big
letdown. I have not purchased any releases that came after this one.

If you dig BOC, you can't go wrong w/ these 6 releases.

To start off, I would go w/ Secret Treaties and Spectres. That will give you
a taste of the old-school and the more commercially accomplished releases.
If you like both, you'll have a blast getting into the other 4!

The Great Sun Jester,


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On 13 Oct 2002, at 0:27, Mark Painter wrote:

> BOC-L Digest - 11 Oct 2002 to 12 Oct 2002 (#2002-297)
As a Hawkperson on this list, it has just struck me... (Duhhhh!)
that I should be checking out the BOC.
> Recommended albums please folks? I only know <looks sheepish>
> Reaper...
The first 3 are far and away their best stuff, and of those, Secret
TReaties is widely considered their best album.  It won't remind you
too much of Reaper, though!  For a taste of the current band, I'd
recommend last Year's Curse of the Hidden Mirror,  or the just
released Live album, A Long Day's Night, which is also on DVD...


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