Jobson, Eddie EJobson at THRUPOINT.NET
Wed Oct 16 12:37:51 EDT 2002

Well I bought one! And I'm going with 3 others. One of them is an Anthrax
fan, so they'll only be 3 of us in the bar when they're on and there are
loads of bars inside the venue selling weak lager in plastic cups. What is
the appearance order? Anthraz, Hawkwind, Motorhead?

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From: rich.warren
Sent: 16/10/02 17:28
Subject: HW: Wembley

Having Never Been to Wembley, is there a safe place to hide from
Anthrax, i.e bars or other areas, since I'm not sure I want to put
myself through the torture.

It doesn't like there are enough list people going to fill a mini.
Apathy Rules.

Anyone know how many tickets have sold for Wembley?


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