HW: Wembley

rich.warren rich.warren at BTINTERNET.COM
Wed Oct 16 12:54:16 EDT 2002

I learned after taking 12 Hours to reach the Astoria via rail.  I'm on the
overnight redeye coach down to London.  Dreadful as it is, the trains blow
considerably this weekend especially down the west coast line.


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> I'm going, pre-gig pub will depend on BritRailTrack or whatever they're
> called this week.  There's ongoing maintenace on the line to London so it
> might be a tricky journey.
> Nick
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> Subject: HW: Wembley
> Having Never Been to Wembley, is there a safe place to hide from Anthrax,
> i.e bars or other areas, since I'm not sure I want to put myself through
> torture.
> It doesn't like there are enough list people going to fill a mini. Apathy
> Rules.
> Anyone know how many tickets have sold for Wembley?
> Rich

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