OFF: Nektar shows in Germany

Henderson Keith keith.henderson at PSI.CH
Thu Oct 17 11:56:59 EDT 2002

Hey all...

Not sure if this is critical information for most listmembers, even those
*interested* in Nektar these days, but there are some new dates for Nektar
in December in Germany.  Which is important for me, 'cause now I won't take
the time off to go to London for the Classic Rock weekend thing (29/11) but
will rather take the short train trip to Stuttgart to see them Dec. 4th.
(And so now I will go instead to Brighton and Walthamstow the following week
of December.  What is the hotel of choice in Brighton, Arin?)

Here's the latest concert news.

Elsewhere there at this site (the site has seemingly been
replaced by this one), you can find info about the DVD they have released
from the reunion show at NEARfest, and also about the properly reissued
(finally!) version of Remember the Future on CD, and Man in the Moon too.

I can't tell exactly who will be playing at what particular gig, or whether
Mick Brockett will again be doing lights (like at NEARfest).  I can only
imagine that the Shepherd's Bush show and these German shows will be quite
similar and feature most (if not all) of the original lineup, and a host of
old songs to go along with perhaps a few new ones.  In any case, it will
make me feel better about missing the New Jersey event.  Now only if I heard
some concrete Amon Duul II news!!

Grakkl (FAA)

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