Off to the show & Comments on the new CD

Mike Montfort mikemont at NYCAP.RR.COM
Sat Oct 19 02:13:28 EDT 2002


In regards to the sound quality of the CD I must apologies as my portable
was set with the bass boost when I listened.. Durr.
Sounds much better without.

Now on to the concert.  No Bucks Boogie!?! Very strange.

No set lists as I warned but the band was very tight. I was standing four
people away from the stage and enjoyed seeing the band so close. Closest I
have ever been except for one SWB show in SF but that was so long ago I
really don't remember it that well.. LOL

Great show and performances.  Eric's voice sounded great and Allan's guitar
solo during Last Days of May was great.  Buck just gets better every year I
see him.  Must be an age thing.  Allan and Eric were playing a beautiful
blue guitar (not at the same time of course) with a great airbrush painting
of the BOC Cross with the reaper standing in front of it.  Sorry I don't
know brand types by sight.

Buck played a lot of stuff on a headless guitar as well as a white guitar
with divots in it looking almost like Swiss cheese.  I noticed also that
Allan closes his eyes when he does the intro to Joan Crawford. Dominance -
Submission yea that too.  Godzilla/Reaper of course.  Lips in the Hills as
one of the encores was an interesting choice which I very much enjoyed.
New stuff was Perfect Water, See you in Black and Pockets.

The mix was decent for Northern Lights but the keyboards were too low as
usual. The opening act was Antigone Rising which is an all girl band that
doesn't seem sure of it's identity. Sometimes they sounded like Cheryl Crow
and sometimes like Janis.  They had a fantastic wind player that really put
a prog spin on one of the instrumentals they played but overall it was a
snoozefest for me.  They started at 9 so the boys didn't go on until 11.
Probably why we didn't get a Bucks Boogie.

Thanks for playing read the meandering review game.




Thanks to the Interstate Highway System, it is now possible to travel from
coast to coast without seeing anything.

-- Charles Kuralt

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::Well I am off to the Clifton Park Blue Oyster Cult show. Actually it has
::already started but I didn't wish to see "Antigone Rising" only BOC.
::I am very UNimpressed with the new cd.  I have Sndbd and FM
::shows that sound
::better in my ROIO collection.  I just don't get why a band would
::release a
::show that was so muddy.  Well what can ya do.  Live in person it
::the thing
::anyway, and that's what I'm going to do now.
::Don't expect a set list.. I don't have much of a memory for
::those sorts of
::Can't imagine why.......
::Thanks to the Interstate Highway System, it is now possible to
::travel from
::coast to coast without seeing anything.
::-- Charles Kuralt

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