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Nick Medford nick at HERMIT0.DEMON.CO.UK
Mon Oct 21 16:57:42 EDT 2002

In message <20021021192023.59141.qmail at web14804.mail.yahoo.co
m>, Alan Linsley <alankerren at YAHOO.CO.UK> writes
>>From your description I think this must have been You
>Better Run, which is from the March Or Die album

Well, it might be, I haven't heard that album. It started with a section
where Lemmy was alone onstage, singing along with his bass in a bluesy
kind of way, if that helps. Quite effective, wouldn't have minded more of

In answer to some other posts, yes they did play R.A.M.O.N.E.S (which
was good), and no they didn't play 'Just Cos You Got the Power' which
is indeed a corker.
Nick Medford

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