Playing region coded DVD (was: About this Huw DVD)

Mon Oct 21 22:49:22 EDT 2002

Hi ya,

This is so off I made a private reply, but then maybe this is of use to
others so here comes a blatent plug for a 'proper' operating system -

It is not obviouse that linux has a DVD player (actually there are a few
in different stages of development) Most distributions will not provide
all the software you need for fear of leagal action because the DVD
Consortium (bunch of deluded idiots) don't like the idea that their
encryption is so piss-easy to de-crypt (both private and public keys are
on the DVD duh!).  Well the software to de-crypt is out there so is the
source code.

The point is you can play dvd on players where the region has not yet
been set.  Also you can play DVD from a region that is different to the
one that is set.

PAL/NTSC is not a problem, it only affects output to a tv.  To output to
a tv you need an mpeg card.  The card is correct for your tv:-)  Just
tell the player (software) what the DVD is and all will be well.

I can't vouch for every dvd drive, but my LG is set to region 2 but it
plays "Fear And Loathing In Las Vegas" (region 1) fine.

OK IMHO xine is the best dvd player (software) and its not quite 100%.
I have a dvd where the menu does not work 100% but everything is
accessible. (a lot of menus don't display correctly but everything is
there and works, even as I write the software is being improved, there
is even a program to help set your mpeg card up???)

If you want help with setting your box up in this way (To fully optimize
a system is not trivial and not properly documented) please ask me.

If I'm honest DVD under microsoft is 'better' because the software
players are fully functional and adhere to the standards of the DVD
Consortium (these are not public and not available to linux
developers).  Slightly less CPU power is needed by Microsoft???
But DVD under linux is fully functional and like this region coding
stupidity does not seem to be an issue for linux.  The software is
already good and it improoves all the time!  If you want to do stuff
with dvd/video processing then linux is worth trying cause there is a
great deal of proffessional quality software out there for free!

As for audio processing.... {penguin starts ranting about cool software
- stay tuned}


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