About this Huw DVD

Michael Blackman michael_1968 at OZEMAIL.COM.AU
Mon Oct 21 21:56:47 EDT 2002

Seems ALL new video players and dvd's in australia are standard with both
NTSC AND PAL play back and multizone players are available.

you'd think that a country like umerika would have this as well supposedly
being the best of the best of the best and better than the rest.

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> On Mon, Oct 21, 2002 at 05:43:37PM -0500, Arin Komins wrote:
> => On Mon, 21 Oct 2002, John Majka wrote:
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> => :Subject: About this Huw DVD
> => :
> => :I know people have discussed this before on the list, but I don't seem
> => :recall seeing any concrete information... will this Huw DVD-R play on
> => :players?  I am definitely interested if this is the case.
> => :John Majka
> => :jmajka2 at comcast.net
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> => Steve Litchfield said:
> =>
> => In answer to the question yesterday, the Huw DVD is not region coded.
> => as long as your TV/PC equipment handles PAL video, the DVD will be
> =>
> => See http://3lib.ukonline.co.uk/hawkwind/huwdvd.htm
> =>
> =>
> => ....so, unless your setup handles PAL (which, by default in the US, it
> => won't), then you won't be able to play it.
> =>
> => You could get a video converter, though....
> This doesn't make sense for digital video.  Surely any half-decent
> system is able to do the resolution and frame rate conversion on the
> fly as part of the decoding process?  Then it's just a matter of the
> analogue output stage being able to generate a TV signal using the
> appropriate sync and timings (just like computer video cards do when
> you switch video modes).  The AGP graphics card in a friend's PC has a
> TV out that can switch between PAL and NTSC in software.  Another
> friend's $50 el cheapo DVD player has a menu option to switch between
> PAL and NTSC.  It's probably fairly standard across the board, so that
> Tiawanese board shifters can build only one design for a world market
> that can be configured by the end user, rather than having to build
> multiple versions for the USA and European markets.  One size fits all
> is cheaper for them.
> Is the PAL requirement a red herring?
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