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The ICH gig was june 13th this year. The Bajina was last year at the Hawkfan
fest in Hamburg. Not sure what date it was. Theres probably pictures from
these on the Real Festival Music website. The ICH was released on video but
I haven't had my copy transfered from PAL yet. Hope this of some help.
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> SL responds...
> > Last thing I know of was Inner City Hawks gig with Judge Trev
> > last spring.
> 2001 or 2002 do you mean?
> > > I have been 'out of touch' with the HW comings and goings
> > > for the last few years.
> > > What happened to Ron Tree ?
> Um, isn't there a band called "Bajina" or something that Ron's part of, or
> perhaps 'fronts'?  That's still an ongoing thing isn't it?  Was/is Trev
> of that too?  (seems like maybe that's right?)  With who else?  I suppose
> Trev's listening, then he could tell us what the deal is with Ron.  Ron
> also a guest at some of the X-HW gigs I believe.  And he was never really
> fired from HW, so I suppose he just sort of drifted off on his own accord.
> Grakkl (FAA)

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