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Alan, Bernhard,

I used included to cover my arse as I was sure I must have forgotten one or
two, but if Alan's list is correct I must have got it about right. A
recording of it would be advised from the mixing desk as hopefully the point
at which the sound is recorded is 'further up the cable' than the missing
vocals and distortion. It's Friday and I think my ears have just stopped
ringing! It didn't seem any louder than a normal gig in there but when I
left, I was seriously in need of some ear buds. Not sure if it was just
Motorhead who were load or all the bands as I didn't realise my deafness
until I was outside.


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Hey Bernhard

Eddie Jobson posted the set but cunningly used the
word "included" which may have thrown some people, so,
to confirm, the HW set was -

Angels of Death
Motorway City
Hurry on Sundown
Master of the Universe (w. Arthur Brown)
Song of the Gremlin (w. Arthur Brown)
The Watcher (Alans vocals cut in during this)
Hassan I Sahba inc. Palestine
Silver Machine (w. Lemmy & Arthur Brown)

Now if I only I could place those missing 2 Motorhead


 --- Bernhard Pospiech <bernhard.pospiech at T-ONLINE.DE>
wrote: > Hi
> Is really noone able here to give us an exact track
> listing in the right
> order ?

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