HW: Original Hawkwind Gig???????

Alan Linsley alankerren at YAHOO.CO.UK
Fri Oct 25 06:52:09 EDT 2002


Could be Nik's lot.  They usually mention that they
include original members of HW (which is fair enough)
but that ain't the same as Original HW is it?  If it's
any help, the following was posted to neoquark
yesterday by "D Rider" under the title Space
Ritual.net dates or something similar.  The 4th Jan
thing sounds similar to "your" gig -

8th November Mean Fiddler ,Charing,Cross Road London
[PLUS INNER CITY UNIT at the Mean Fiddler]
29th November Yales/Central Station,Wrexham
12th December Limelight, Crewe
13th December Rock Café 2000, Stourbridge
4th January 2003 Private Party in a large marquee
North Wales
17th Jan The Charlotte Leicester
23rd Jan The Brook Southampton
24th Jan Roadmenders Northampton
30th Jan The Robin2 Bilston
31st Jan Hebden Bridge Trades Club

Support act: Tractor



 --- Martin Roy Varley <mrvarley at UCLAN.AC.UK> wrote: >
Hello BOC-L list
> Maybe some of you can shed some light on this.....
> I live in Preston (north-west UK) and the local
> paper has an advert for 'The Original Hawkwind'
> playing at the Marquee on Aqueduct Street. No date
> is given although the ad says that tickets are now
> on sale - call for more information. I've just
> called them but there's no-one there at the moment.
> Is this Nik's band or the real thing???
> Cheers
> Martin

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