Innerpropriates-Is this the Aqueous?

Jeff P jperkins at MAILCITY.COM
Sat Oct 26 10:22:26 EDT 2002

Hi Stephe, not demo's.

Nik just guested on a couple of tracks on that tape (Orgone Accumulator at
least). Innerpropriates sold tapes of their recordings (I've got a couple
of other ones sitting round but with Hawk-connections on them) All Is Full
Of Living Energy & Colour (with lots of texta work on the photocopied
cover/info sheet)

There should be more info on the folded cover/info sheet which I've got
amongst the tapes somewhere or other. Give me a reminder and I'll try to
dig it out.


On Fri, 25 Oct 2002 17:42:36 -0400, stephe lindas <lindas1 at ADELPHIA.NET>

>HI, Anyone got any knowledge or info on this?  Supposed to be demos with
NIK from 82. He is definately on them. Is this prior to going back to
Hawkwind? Can anyone help? Cheers STEPHE

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