a lurker's DVD review

Robert C. Mayo RMayo19761 at AOL.COM
Sun Oct 27 01:44:56 EST 2002

been a long time since i posted here; lurking, reading everyone's opinions
RE: the dvd... i guess i'll submit my 2 cents...
Bottom Line with me:
I understand WHY they don't play the Bouchard Bro's songs, but it just ain't
BOC without their CONSIDERABLE contributions to the canon. sure, there's a
nod here and there; but i must go down in the BOC-L books as one who
considers this line-up of the past 8 yrs as 3OC, not BOC.
And eric seems to be BARELY keeping it (vox) together. 'Lips' suffers.
Alan impresses, as ever.
package artwork is awesome.

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