HW: The Warlocks are Hawkind inspired

Brian Halligan blackblade at BHALLIGAN.COM
Mon Oct 28 09:15:50 EST 2002

roger wrote:

> Has anybody heard the music of the Warlocks.
> Everyone is commenting how they sound like
> Early Hawkwind and other cool 70's bands.

I picked-up their new "Phoenix EP" a while back. There's some psychedelic
pop tunes (emphasis on the psychedelic) and some long jams. Hawkwind wasn't
the first band I thought of when listening to it, but there are some
similarities, i.e. The Warlocks have a raw psych sound with some spacey
bits, especially during their jams.

Unfortunately, I've haven't been able to catch them live even though they've
come to my town twice so far. :-(


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