High Rise from PXR5 CD

Jobson, Eddie EJobson at THRUPOINT.NET
Wed Oct 30 07:37:08 EST 2002

Superb. Thanks for that.

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Jobson, Eddie writes:

> After finally managing to get hold of a copy of PXR5 on disc, I have
> listened to it and unless my memory is playing tricks on me, High Rise
> sounds like different vocals to those that I remember from the vinyl
> Anyone know?

Yep. It's different. I spotted that to my great surprise while doing the

High Rise
 L  1     Weird 103 - Free Festivals
 L  1     Hawkwind Live at Stonehenge and Watchfield
 L  1 a   The Best and the Rest of Hawkwind
 L  1 a   The Hawkwind Anthology Vol. I
 L  1 a   The Hawkwind Anthology 1967-1982 [Castle 2CD]
 L  1 a   Acid Daze Vol. I
 L  1 a   Best of Hawkwind
 L  1 a   Live & Rare (Onward Flies The Bird)
 L  1 a   Master of the Universe [Pulse CD]
 L  1 a   Master of the Universe [Laserlight compilation CD]
 L  1 b   Castle Masters Collection
 L  1 b   Hawkwind Anthology triple CD box set [Castle Communications]
    2     PXR5 [LP only]
    2     Repeat Performance
    2     Spirit of the Age [Charisma Compilation]
    2     Tales From Atom Henge
    2     25 Years On [Griffin 4-CD Set]
    3     PXR5 [CD only]
    3     Epoch Eclipse 30 Year Anthology
    4     Hawkwind Live at the Bottom Line
    5     The Hawklords Live

      *   1a is a remix of 1
      *   versions 1,2 and 3 are from the same tour
      *   Version 2 appeared on the PXR5 LP. Version 3 appeared
          on the PXR5 CD.
      *   1b  the sound of an explosion at the end of version 1 and 1a
          has been cut out in editing (see British Tribal Music)
      *   This track is listed but not present on The Ambient Anarchists

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