The Algerian Agenda - revealed!

Andy Ball Andy.Ball at RD.BBC.CO.UK
Tue Apr 1 09:12:00 EST 2003

Is this for real hehe?

It is 1st April, but past midday in the UK.
Still a few hours in the state I guess for April fool jokes!



At 13:14 01/04/2003 +0100, you wrote:
>Hawkwind fans will know that Hawkwind cancelled the last two dates on
>the Winter tour in order to attend a last-minute invite to Algeria.  The
>reasons for this can now be released and will undoubtedly delight all
>Hawkwind fans.
>After the success of the TV series "Dune" and "Children of Dune", a
>movie will be made of "God Emperor of Dune". Due to the influence of two
>well-known fans in Hollywood, Hawkwind have been given parts in the move
>as representatives of The Spacers Guild. It is understood that the band
>will also provide some "unearthly" electronic music to be used in the
>space travel scenes.

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