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Tom Byrne t.byrne at NTLWORLD.COM
Sat Apr 5 06:02:21 EST 2003

Hello all

Here is a spamette.

I have released my second album, "The Eye of the Cyclone", and MP3 or
Realplayer extracts from it and the first "The Last Druids" are available
for download at . If you view the page or download
or stream I go up in iuma's statistics - currently I'm pick of the pops at
450 - so your contribution to visitors would be much appreciated! "The Eye"
is a departure from the first album - more space rock influenced, but still
a concept album. Heavier, but as Mr Youles (Starfarer)  has pointed out to
me, still with the occasional pastoral vibe. Anyway, see what you think.

Speaking of Starfarer, at his request I've contributed an image of my
autographed Quark programme, which can be seen at . This was a memorable concert at the
Palace Theatre, Manchester in June 1977. The lineup included Bob Calvert,
Dave Brock, Simon House, Adrian Shaw and Simon King My fond memories
include: the music, which of course was from the astonishing Quark period;
Atomhenge - one of the most inventive light shows I'd seen hithero or since;
Mr Calvert bellowing language which would have amazed and delighted an old
bos'un at megawatts from the stage at an over-enthusiastic bouncer who had
assaulted an over-enthusiastic fan; Mr Calvert then trying to club said
bouncer with the mike stand; meeting the band at the stage door, asking Mr
Calvert (rather rashly in hindsight) why he had used ideas from Herman Hesse
(Steppenwolf), Roger Zelazny (Jack of Shadows, Damnation Alley), J G Ballard
(High Rise) and getting the impressive answer that he was comfortable with
that because Shakespeare had done the same kind of thing; telling Dave Brock
that Assault and Battery / Golden Void was one of the best things they'd
ever done (I'm still of this opinion); chatting to Simon House; chatting to
Michael Butterworth about the Time of the Hawklords series, and discussing
Norman Spinrad's The Iron Dream with those of the band who'd read it.

I must say in the last couple of years it's been great to see the band as
vibrant as it ever was and I thoroughly recommend the Hawkfest to those who
can attend.

Best regards

Tom Byrne

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