Doctor Who MP3's (was Hawkwind MP3's)

Duc De Montfort mikemont at NYCAP.RR.COM
Mon Apr 7 11:45:23 EDT 2003

Intereseting point. (being a big Dr. Who fan)

But I'd say that an audio drama is much less demanding frequency wise than

Point being there is not much loss in MP3 for voice.  Opinions vary as to
the same argument for music.

Just a conversation point however.  :-)


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Hi there

Don't know if any other companies are doing this officially, but the BBC are
now starting to release the missing Doctor Who stories as audio dramas with
linking narrated dialoque in MP3 format. They've released some already on
CD, but have obviously seen that more & more people have the technology to
play back in this format, & it probably saves on manufacturing of discs.


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