HW/OFF: So Bob was wrong then!

Nick Lee nick.lee2 at VIRGIN.NET
Mon Apr 7 14:17:39 EDT 2003

>         Well, at least two, as Einstein was also married. Though whether
> he married her when she was stilla  girl, I don't know, but ugh,
> semantics. On the other hand, remember the wise words of Saint
> Bob: "Anyone who knows my work will realise, that however bad it seems
> it's all intentional." And what with the small but significant number of
> physicists I've managed to enrage with the track, I think that Bob knew
> perfectly well what he was doing... Yours,
>                                            Jon
That'll be the Galilleo/Copernicus thing, I guess...

I believe Al had something of a crush on his cousin (maybe the girl you
refer to?).
Any physicist/historians out there able to set this one straight?

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